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About Us

Part of the largest grassroots environmental organization in the country, Sierra Club provides environmentally friendly outdoor adventures.

For over 32 years the San Diego Chapter has been offering bus trips to a variety of National and State Parks within an eight hour drive of San Diego.

What makes these trips special is that they are organized by a fantastic team of volunteer leaders and nobody pays them for their efforts. They do it out of an appreciation for these special places, and a passion for sharing them with you. We look forward to having you join us on a bus trip to explore, enjoy and protect the planet.

Outdoor Adventures

Other Exciting Opportunities

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See our Outings Calendar for other outdoor adventure opportunities. 

Join the Sierra Club

Our bus trips are open to all Sierra Club and non-Sierra Club members, 18 years of age and older. We encourage you to join the Sierra Club and help keep our wild places for future generations.